Do you have a problem with payday payments? Are you getting another quick loan to pay off your previous liabilities? Break the vicious circle! Contact us – payday consolidation will solve your problem and allow you to quickly get out of the financial hole.

To get into the spiral of debt, all you need is a moment. The scenario is simple: you need quick cash, but you do not have enough credit. Impressed by the vision of a quick loan and easy repayment, you take a break. You pay no attention to non-interest costs: commission, insurance, consultant’s visit, etc., which often increase the loan amount several hundred times! You do not pay attention to the APRC record regarding the actual costs of the entire commitment. You believe in the commercial that the repayment will go smoothly. However, when it turns out that the cost of the loan is much higher than you thought, you must make another commitment to pay off the previous one. Then one more thing and one more … You fall into a spiral of debt, from which it is very difficult to get out. If this scenario fits your story, consider taking a consolidation loan to pay off your payday loans. Online payday consolidation is the simplest solution to your problem!

Consolidation of payday loans, payday payments

What will you gain?

  • Attractive interest rate – thanks to the consolidation of payday loans you will definitely reduce interest costs – up to several hundred percent! You pay back one loan with one low installment instead of a few expensive loans.
  • High loan amount – we will help you pay off all your liabilities (payday loans and non-bank loans), including those overdue.
  • Long repayment period – all liabilities are converted into one cheap loan with an extended repayment period (up to 144 months), allowing for a peaceful settlement of bills and a decent life.

You do not need to have a high income to get a loan to repay payday loans with attractive interest rates. Thanks to low installments and the possibility of repayment for a long time, you will not be refused. You do not have a certificate of income? Out of concern for the comfort of our clients, we also offer a loan for the statement – with a simplified award procedure. The consolidation of payday loans can also be used by companies, also without ZUS and US certificates.

Contact our adviser and jointly develop the most convenient repayment plan for you!

Consolidation of payday loans is:

  • decisively lowering monthly costs
  • one affordable install instead of a few different ones
  • high loan amount – up to 200,000 zł
  • long repayment period – up to 144 months
  • attractive interest rate – from 4.99% to 9.99%
  • quick preliminary decision – within 60 minutes of submitting the application
  • without unnecessary formalities – only absolutely necessary documents
  • individual approach to each client

If so far your efforts to repay payday loans have failed and banks refuse you a consolidation loan, it is worth checking the report from the basic BIK database. Here you can download a report.

The actual annual interest rate (APRC) is 7.33%, the total loan amount (without crediting costs) 40,000 PLN, the total amount to pay 55 977,60 PLN, variable interest rate 4.99% per annum, total loan cost 15 977 PLN 60 (including a commission of 10% – PLN 4,000, interest 11,797.60 PLN), 120 installments of monthly installments equal to PLN 466.48. The calculation was made on 11/05/2018. on a representative example.

Consolidation of payday loans – the most frequently asked questions

Consolidation of payday loans - the most frequently asked questions

The change of existing financial obligations into one (ie consolidation) raises many doubts. There are often questions about hidden costs, possible risks and the cost-effectiveness of this type of solution. No wonder, if you fell into a spiral of debt, you have the right to be afraid of further loans and credits. Below we have collected the most frequently asked questions from our clients – both current and potential. We hope that it will help you make the decision and take the right step on the road to getting rid of debts. Remember that our advisers are here to help you get out of debt and start a new life with a clean card.

1. Is consolidation of payday payments profitable?

1. Is consolidation of payday payments profitable?

Often, the consolidation of payday loans is the last resort that allows you to control your debts and develop a repayment schedule suited to the debtor’s financial capabilities. If you choose a good offer from a bank or a loan company, you can avoid many unpleasant consequences, such as the bailiff’s seizure of property. It is worth noting that thanks to this solution you can reduce the costs of installments – you pay off one commitment in the form of one installment instead of several additional loan costs. If you match the installment amount to your real possibilities, you will slowly reduce your debts and avoid taking further loans. With small steps you will get rid of all debts and improve your financial condition. What is important, both individual clients and companies can benefit from the consolidation loan.

An interesting and beneficial solution is the consolidation of online payday loans, which limits formalities to a minimum.

2. What to pay special attention to before signing the consolidation agreement?

2. What to pay special attention to before signing the consolidation agreement?

When signing any type of contract, you should be vigilant and carefully review each record. If you do not want to get additional problems in such a difficult financial situation, do not be tempted by the promises of getting out of debt quickly. Check each element of the contract, and if any records are incomprehensible to you and raise your doubts, use the help of a professional – ask for the analysis of a financial advisor contract or lawyer.

The key elements of the consolidation agreement are:

  • the amount of the installment – together with the adviser, carefully analyze your income and expenses, consider unexpected situations such as sudden illness or loss of employment and on this basis calculate what amount you can actually spend monthly to repay the obligation; too high installments can drive you into even bigger debts
  • interest rate and commission and additional fees – do not act on impulse or time pressure, make accurate calculations, do not be tempted by low interest rate, pay attention to the amount of commission and additional fees – it may turn out that they are so high that the offer will be more profitable with a higher interest rate for installments
  • repayment period – a long repayment period seems to be a tempting proposition, however it should be remembered that more installments may mean higher costs related to their interest and additional fees.

3. A bank loan for the money company or loan company services?

3. A bank loan for the money company or loan company services?

Payment of payday loans is a difficult task, because an uninteresting credit history and numerous financial obligations often involve refusal to grant a bank loan for a short-time payment. The bank checks creditworthiness and has restrictive conditions – hence it may turn out that a bank loan to repay payday loans is not for you. Loan companies, however, are characterized by a much greater flexibility of the offer and matching the conditions to the needs and possibilities of the debtor. Here, creditworthiness is not taken into account, but all kinds of income sources such as a contract of employment, a contract for a specific task, contract of mandate, alimony, benefits and all kinds of other benefits. It’s also smaller formalities and a faster decision. All you need to do is prepare all unpaid debits and a bank account statement, employment contract, ZUS or employer’s certificate, as well as an ID card. You can count on fast consolidation online, as well as at the loan company headquarters. You can receive an initial decision within one hour of submitting the application.